The first OPC Unified Architecture Book, written by Wolfgang Mahnke, Stefan-Helmut Leitner and Matthias Damm one of the OPC UA trainers for Unified Automation.

OPC Unified Architecture Introduction (Two Days)

This two-day Seminar gives a detailed introduction to the base concepts of the new OPC platform Unified Architecture and provides an overview of all new features of OPC UA. Starting with the COM based OPC Specifications it explains the requirements for OPC UA and describes the concrete implementation in OPC Unified Architecture with the two main features: generic modeling of data and platform independent transport of data. Another focus is on the migration of existing OPC applications to OPC Unified Architecture.

The following topics are targeted in the Seminar:

  • From OPC COM to OPC Unified Architecture
  • OPC UA Protocols, ClientServer & PubSub
  • Data modeling with OPC UA
  • UA Services for accessing the data model
  • OPC UA Security
  • Platform independent UA applications
  • Data Access in OPC UA
  • UA State Machine
  • UA Discovery
  • Events in OPC UA
  • Alarms & Conditions
  • Historical Access

The target group are development managers, software architects, technical managers, developers and product managers.

The complete time schedule, a registration form and prices can be found here.