Quick Overview OPC Unified Architecture (half Day)

This ½-day online seminar gives a general overview on the OPC UA technology. It starts with the motivation for OPC UA and gives an overview of the different aspects of OPC UA from the different communication mechanisms to the information modelling capabilities, without going into the technical details. It includes an online demo of OPC UA applications.

Goal and Target Audience

The Quick Overview course is intended for people new to OPC UA, who want to get an overview on the technology and the overall capabilities of OPC UA.

The target group are decision makers like product managers, program mangers or CTOs as well as end users, system integrators, testers, technical writer, data analysts, etc. who want to get a first impression of OPC UA.

Format and Language

This seminar is a 4 hours ONLINE session. You will attend via web conference tool. The course is available in German and English language.

This course can be booked by companies and consortia groups. Contact us for price and schedule (info@unified-automation.com)