ProjektAntrieb becomes Service Provider

01. January 2020: Unified Automation announces new service provider "ProjektAntrieb" who will extend the partner network. ProjektAntrieb is offering integration services and contracted development for Unified Automation's OPC UA SDK on PC systems and embedded devices.

The partner network around the OPC UA SDKs of Unified Automation is extended with a company having deep know how in the implementation of industrial communication solutions especially on embedded devices. Additionally ProjektAntrieb brings in know how from various implementations of OPC UA solutions that are based on Unified Automation's toolkits.

"We are proud to enhance our know how network with ProjektAntrieb. They bridge the gap between our SDK offerings and a fully integrated, ready-to-use application. Our combined customers will benefit from the experience on OPC UA side but also from the experience on software integration on embedded systems." says Uwe Steinkrauss, Sales Manager, Unified Automation.

The increasing demand for OPC UA enabled solutions creates a new marked not only for OPC experts, but also for implementers and integrators, who are able to utilize the powerful features of the SDK/Toolkits to create best-in-class applications for the customers. The contracted development services can either be purchased via Unified Automation or directly with ProjectAntrieb.

Contact Information:
ProjektAntrieb IT GmbH
Siemensstraße 2-4
D-90766 Fürth

Phone: +49 911 495 209 -0
Fax: +49 911 495 209 -99

Website: ProjektAntrieb