OPC Foundation Seminar Tour

Interoperability insights for the Industrial Internet of Things and Industrie 4.0 – from sensor to cloud

OPC Foundation Semniar Tour

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  • September 23 – Boston | Hosted by MathWorks
  • September 24 – Toronto | Mississauga Convention Center
  • September 25 – Chicago | Hyatt Regency Hotel
  • September 30 – Santa Clara | Hosted by Oracle
  • October 02 – Austin | Hosted by National Instruments

It’s official: OPC Unified Architecture is the enabler for IIoT and I4.0

At these upcoming educational seminars run by the OPC Foundation, attendees will learn how connected devices and machines can offer secured services and data while providing interoperability from sensor to cloud. This seminar is designed for end users/manufacturers, machine builders/OEMs, system integrators and manufacturers of automation devices.

By attending the conference you will:

  • Learn about the differences and similarities regarding the Internet of Things and Industrie 4.0 and why OPC UA provides ideal industrial interoperability for both concepts
  • Gain great insight into the inner workings of the OPC UA standard and its inherent benefits of integrated security
  • Hear why end users now require industrial equipment vendors to build OPC UA into their products
  • Get the latest updates on OPC UA technology developments and further enhancements on the roadmap
  • Learn how active collaborations by the OPC Foundation with other industry organizations is revolutionizing the transformation of data, providing an infrastructure for the modeling of information and big data
  • Take advantage of valuable networking time with numerous industry experts and technologically-minded peers
  • Hear how Microsoft and Oracle are positioning their cloud solutions with OPC UA extensions today

Click here for details, agenda and registration: https://opcfoundation.org/event-details/?ee=76

OPC Unified Architecture

OPC UA is the interoperability standard for multi-vendor, multi-platform data exchange that is secure and reliable from small sensors up to IT Enterprise level systems. OPC UA provides open connectivity across multiple products, regardless of hardware platform or software operating system. OPC UA (IEC 62541 standard) includes automated discovery, security by design, data encryption, and exceptionally powerful information modeling.

OPC-UA plays a critical role in opening up new opportunities across manufacturing as data from connected products, devices, and sensors increasingly becomes the fuel for insights, productivity, and new business models in an IoT world. In keeping with our commitment to openness and collaboration, Microsoft is fully committed to supporting OPC UA and its evolution in a rapidly transforming OT/IT landscape.
— Rohit Bhargava, CTO, WW Manufacturing & Resources, Microsoft Corporation

Oracle has long recognized the value of strong data and communications standards to develop secure and extensible, platform-independent solutions that help grow markets and businesses. We see Oracle Java and OPC UA as a powerful combination for developers seeking to integrate systems in a secure, extensible, platform-independent manner. From embedded systems to the cloud, the Oracle Java platform provides a common, uniform programming environment which, when coupled with the OPC UA information model, offers strong flexibility, ease of integration, and strong security.
— Scott Armour, VP Global Java Business Unit, Oracle

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