Simple Introduction—OPC UA StarterKit

The simple entry in OPC Unified Architecture—Starter Kit including DIN rail mountable gateways enables distributed applications out of the box.

OPC UA Starter Kit

Schwabach, February 2012. OPC Unified Architecture (UA) is the new technology for transparent, secure and reliable data transport from the shop floor to the MES or ERP system. Until now developers and users could evaluate the new possibilities and performance of this technology only with high effort and cost - exactly here the new Starter Kit comes into play.

To provide a simple and cost effectife introduction in the open communication technology, SSV in cooperation with the OPC UA experts of Unified Automation now offers a Linux-based OPC UA Starter Kit. A powerful, extendable hardware platform was combined with a flexible software development framework. Together with documentation and sample code the package demonstrates a "real-live" scenario. Besides the two compact embedded Linux gateways in a DIN rail casing, which have preinstalled OPC UA software for Client and Server respectively, the Starter Kit comes with all required components nessesary for a quick start. Guided by simple examples, both, new comers and experienced developers, can investigate the OPC UA cross platform built environment on embedded Linux and evaluate the performance on a powerful ARM9 system. Of course own applications can be realised as well.

In the OPC UA Starter Kit the OPC UA Client as well as the Server are realized on a network enabled, DIN rail mounted, embedded system. The data exchange between both systems is based on the high performant OPC TCP protocol including certificate based authentication and encypted data transfer.

For first testing a temperature sensor is connected as data source for the OPC UA Server. The example shows how measurement values are transmitted to the OPC UA Client via Ethernet using the demo software provided with the Starter Kit. The UA Client as actuator shows the state of the measurement. Different value ranges are interpreted by the OPC UA actuator and are visualized with a connected signal light. This example represents a typical condition monitoring use case and can easily be enhanced for other applications. Because of the compact size the two space-saving DIN rail systems can bbe integrated into own applications and thus can be reused after successful evaluation phase.

About SSV

SSV Software Systems was founded 1981 in Hannover, Germany as development service provider for micro processor applications in logistics and automation. Since early 90th the company develops and produces hardware components and systems for industrial environment. Their primary field of application is platform independent, industrial HMI and M2M communication.