Programming Guidelines and Tools

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For all our product development we follow programming guidelines to obtain maximum quality code. The base for high quality code is the use of a proper development process and sophisticated tools.

  • structured, readable source code (ANSI style, hungarian notation, etc.)
  • commented and documented code (using doxygen)
  • reactionless enhancements by advanced source control (using GIT)
  • independent command line build environment (using CMake)
  • cross-platform automated nightly generation by buildbots
  • automated nightly integrity and unit testing

To help you understand the used tools we have collected some links to their manuals and we also have written some little documents guiding you to successful make use of these tools and our products accordingly.


the cross-platform, open source build system
documentation, download


the free and open source, distributed version control system
documentation, download


the open source, web-based software testing server
documentation , download


the open source, cross-platform and cross-database, flexible project management web application
documentation , download


the open source web based Test Management system based on PHP and MySQL
documentation , download


free and open source, cross-platform documentation system for generating documentation from source code
documentation , download