Unified Automation offers various products around OPC and OPC UA development.

End User Runtime Product

The end user products are available in binary form and can be installed out-of-the-box on the target machine. On each machine the software is running on you will need a “Runtime License”. Typical end user products are Wrapper and Proxy or ready-to-install UA Servers like KepServerEX.

Developer Product

The developer products are SDK (Software Development Kit) or Toolkit type of products. These are available in binary and source code form. These products are used to develop your own end user products, therefore every developer who is using the SDK needs his own individual license. We distinguish “Binary Developer License” and “Source Code Developer License” depending on getting the SDK with Source Code or not. For the end user products that you create by using the SDK or Toolkit no additional license fees are required.

Tools and Helper

The developer tools and helper products are for developers who already have bought a SDK or Toolkit product from us. These tools can accelerate your design and implementation work, help you when testing your application or deliver other convenience functions. These tools are available in binary form only and are only available in combination with our developer products.

Service and Support

The services we offer cover design and consulting sevices but also development and implementation of certain platform adoption or integration into existing products. These services are for customers who need additional help while developing UA Server or Client type of applications using our SDK and Toolkits.