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Dear OPC UA Enthusiast,

We are happy to announce the release of our extremely successful C++ SDK. In the last few days we released a new major version: the C++ based OPC UA Client/Server SDK Bundle V1.5.0. This release adds support for the latest OPC UA Specification 1.03, GDS functionality, and new data types, e.g. structured data types with optional fields. As usual, you can get a full-featured evaluation version and the complete documentation of our SDKs from our website.

New OPC UA SDK Product: We will present our highly scalable High Performance SDK at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES on November 24 to 26. This SDK has a completely new internal architecture, it has a new Stack implementation, and is pure ANSI C code. It scales from smallest sensors up to Servers in sophisticated multicore applications, which are capable of a large number of simultaneous connections, and therefore is ready for all kinds of Industry 4.0 and IIoT type of applications. Come and visit us at the OPC Foundation booth (see below). We will have live demonstrations available.

UA Workshops: Registration is closed for November 2015. But due to the high demand, we have already set the first workshop date for 2016. More information can be found below and online.

Stay tuned on OPC UA. Hope you enjoy reading.

Yours sincerely
Jürgen Boxberger
CEO Unified Automation GmbH

C++ based OPC UA Client/Server SDK Bundle V1.5.0—Release

A new Release of the C++ Client/Server SDK is available for download (Visual Studio 2010 and 2012 for Windows, GCC4.5.1 for Linux). The most important features are support for central certificate management using a Global Discovery Server (push and pull model) and compatibility with OPC UA Specification 1.03. It adds support for security policy Basic256Sha256 and new data types (Union, Structure with optional fields, OptionSet) added in v1.03. This release contains numerous small improvements.

UaModeler V1.4.1—Service Release

A new release of UaModeler is available in our Download Area. It fixes several bugs. This version now supports structured data types, unions and bit masks for the C++ SDK v1.5.0.

UaExpert V1.4.0—Release

A new release of UaExpert, our full-featured OPC UA Client, is available for download. This version is based on our new C++ based OPC UA Client SDK v1.5.0. It contains several new features (including a user manual) and improvements.

UaGateway V1.3.12—Service Release

A new Service Relase of UaGateway is available in our Download Area. This version fixes a bug that occured when browsing doubly referenced nodes.

OPC UA Workshops in Erlangen, Germany

As the November workshop is already fully booked, we already scheduled a new date for February. Don’t hesitate and book your seat now.

OPC Unified Architecture Introduction (two days): This Seminar gives a detailed introduction into the base concepts of the OPC Unified Architecture platform and provides an overview of all features of OPC UA.
This workshop is targeted on development managers, software architects, technical managers, developers and product managers.

OPC UA Developer Workshop (two days): In this workshop, participants learn to create their own OPC UA Server and Client applications by implementing the main features in sample OPC UA client and server applications. Participants can use this knowledge to create their own connections to any device or system using OPC UA.
This workshop is targeted on developers and software architects. Base knowledge in object oriented software development and C++, C#, or Java is required.

Get further information on our website.

Upcoming Events 2015


de.gifErlangen, Nov 10–13, 2015 fully booked

de.gifErlangen, Feb 2–5, 2016

Shows, Fairs, Exhibitions

de.gifSPS/IPC/Drives, Nov 24–26, 2015

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OPC News

SPS/IPC/Drives Nuremberg, November 24–26, 2015

Come and visit Unified Automation at the OPC Foundation booth (hall 7, booth 180) at the SPS/IPC/Drives. Find out more on OPC Unified Architecture, our products and how they integrate with PLCs. We will have live demonstration available and introduce our new High Performance SDK.
The reference documentation of our OPC UA SDKs and the runtime products can be accessed online at doc.unifiedautomation.com.
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