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Dear OPC UA Enthusiast,

Industrie 4.0 and the Internet of Things evolve from pure buzzwords to concrete and substantial products and business cases. At the Hanover Trade show HMI back in March this year, OPC UA was announced as the key enabling technology for interoperability amongst the systems within production, the enterprise and beyond. Year 2015 has started with a strong market push, and new OPC UA products are emerging nearly every week.

In order to catch up with new requirements and use cases, our toolkits and SDKs have been constantly improved and enhanced with features regarding latest OPC UA Specification v1.03. We have simplified our portfolio and now offer full-featured OPC UA SDKs only. We provide the most sophisticated SDKs, giving you the chance to create the most sophisticated OPC UA products, which are future ready from day one.

Driven by the strong request of our customers and the embedded device market, we have added an OPC UA Client SDK to our ANSI C based toolkit family. In addition to the already existing Server SDK, you can now implement OPC UA Client functionality on an embedded PLC or a small embedded sensor in pure ANSI C code, small, fast and with minimal resource consumption.
M2M here we come!

Stay tuned on OPC UA. Hope you enjoy reading.

Yours sincerely
Jürgen Boxberger
CEO Unified Automation GmbH

ANSI C based OPC UA Client/Server SDK Bundle V1.5.1—Release

A new release of the ANSI C based OPC UA SDK is available for download (Visual Studio 2010/2012 for Windows 32 Bit, GCC4.7.2 for Linux 64Bit). This major release contains new features and massive improvements. An ANSI C based Client SDK is now available similar to our C++ and .NET packages. This new SDK updates to the latest UA Stack and comes with new features like Audit Events and supports latest Security Profiles.

.NET based OPC UA Client/Server SDK Bundle V2.4.0—Release

A new Release of the .NET based OPC UA Client Server SDK Bundle is available for download (supports VS2008, VS2010 and VS2012, as well as and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, 4.0 SP1 and 4.5). Among the several new features of this Release are the support for a Global Discovery Server (GDS), genereric structured DataTypes and the highest SecurityProfile Basic256Sha256 with KeySize 4096. It also contains several minor bug fixes.

For more information about the new functionality, please have a look at the change logs at our online reference documentation.
Of course you can download evaluation versions of the new SDK versions from our website.

UaModeler V1.3.5—Service Release

A new service release of the UaModeler is available for download. This service release contains a new template set for code generation regarding the ANSI C based SDK V1.5. The service release also contains bugfixed code generation for the current C++ and .NET SDKs.

OPC UA Workshops in Erlangen, Germany

There are still two possibilities to join our OPC UA workshops this year:

OPC Unified Architecture Introduction (two days): This Seminar gives a detailed introduction into the base concepts of the OPC Unified Architecture platform and provides an overview of all features of OPC UA.
This workshop is targeted on development managers, software architects, technical managers, developers and product managers.

OPC UA Developer Workshop (two days): In this workshop, participants learn to create their own OPC UA Server and Client applications by implementing the main features in sample OPC UA client and server applications. Participants can use this knowledge to create their own connections to any device or system using OPC UA.
This workshop is targeted on developers and software architects. Base knowledge in object oriented software development and C++, C#, or Java is required.

Get further information on our website.

Upcoming Events 2015


de.gifErlangen, Sep 29–Oct 2, 2015

de.gifErlangen, Nov 10–13, 2015

Shows, Fairs, Exhibitions

fr.gifSmart Industries 2015 Paris, Sep 15, 15

us.gifOPC Seminar Tour in North America, Sep 23–Nov 3, 2015

de.gifSPS/IPC/Drives, Nov 24–26, 2015

OPC UA Products

OPC UA SDK & Toolkits

box.pngANSI C SDK   Download

box.pngC++ SDK       Download

box.png.NET SDK       Download

box.pngJAVA SDK       Download

OPC UA Products

box.pngUaExpert      Download

box.pngUaGateway   Download

box.pngUaModeler    Download

OPC News

OPC UA Seminar Tour in North America

Unified Automation will sponsor the OPC UA Seminar Tour in North America hosted by the OPC Foundation this autumn. There will be six technology driven seminars. The one day events focus on the rich feature set of OPC UA and the unique ways these features are put to use in real applications. Meet the experts, network with OPC enthusiasts, and talk to state-of-the-art technology leaders. A Unified Automation representative will be at each of the events, looking forward to meet you there. Please refer to the OPC Foundation‘s website for more information and registration. The dates and locations are:

  • OPC Day Boston, September 23, 2015, United States
  • OPC Day Toronto, September 24, 2015, Canada
  • OPC Day Chicago, September 25, 2015, United States
  • OPC Day Santa Clara, September 30, 2015, United States
  • OPC Day Austin, October 2, 2015, United States
  • OPC Day Atlanta, November 3, 2015, United States
The reference documentation of our OPC UA SDKs and the runtime products can be accessed online at doc.unifiedautomation.com.
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