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Dear OPC UA Enthusiast,

In our last newsletter for this year, I am happy to announce the release of the new version 1.4.0 of our successful C++ based OPC UA SDK. This new version includes many new and powerful features. It is the first SDK that supports Structured Data. The new Release supports the latest OPC UA 1.02 specification changes.
Beginning of this week we also released a new minor version of the .NET based OPC UA SDK.
You can download evaluation versions of these brand-new OPC UA SDKs (just as for our other OPC UA products) from the download section of our website.

In 2014 we will again participate in many OPC Events. You can meet us at many major trade shows and OPC Days in Europe.
Again we have scheduled several OPC UA workshops, which will help you to get a fast and easy access to the topic.
We would like to encourage you to come and visit us at our upcoming events. If you can't make it yourself please inform your colleagues and business partners.

On behalf of the entire Unified Automation team I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a happy and a successful New Year 2014.

Stay tuned on OPC UA. Hope you enjoy reading.

Yours sincerely
Jürgen Boxberger
CEO Unified Automation GmbH

C++ based OPC UA Client/Server SDK V1.4.0 Release

After a period of thorough implementation and testing, we now provide these major features, added to this version:

- Full Structured Data type support, any complex typ and even unknown types are supported
- Full support for HistoricalAccess functionality for Data and for Events
- Added OPC UA 1.02 features
* Added support for loading address space with standardized XML format
* Added FileType support
* Added latest UA Stack from OPC Foundation, including experimental version of hybrid protocol binding (HTTPS with UA Binary Encoding)
* Added support for Engineering Unit Information as defined by latest OPC Specifications
- Tested with latest CTT for OPC UA 1.02
- Modifying trace settings through OPC UA interface
- Fire trace events through OPC UA

For more information about the new functionality, please have a look at the change log at our online reference documentation.
Of course you can download an evaluation version of the new SDK version from our website.

.NET based OPC UA Client/Server SDK V2.2.2 Release

A new service release of the .NET based OPC UA Client Server SDK Bundle is available for download (supports VS2008, VS2010 and VS2012 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, 4.0 SP1 and 4.5). This Service Release includes some minor bug fixes related to HTTPS transport, connection issues with local servers, and restart behavior. As a new feature it implements the client side Cancel service.

OPC UA Workshops in Erlangen, Germany

Next year we have scheduled our OPC UA workshops in February, May and September:

OPC Unified Architecture Introduction (two days): This Seminar gives a detailed introduction into the base concepts of the OPC Unified Architecture platform and provides an overview of all features of OPC UA.
This workshop is targeted on development managers, software architects, technical managers, developers and product managers.

OPC UA Developer Workshop (two days): In this workshop, students learn to create their own OPC UA Server and Client applications by implementing the main features in sample OPC UA client and server applications. Students can use this knowledge to create their own connections to any device or system using OPC UA.
This workshop is targeted on developers and software architects. Base knowledge in object oriented software development and C++, C# or Java is required.

Get further information on our website.

Upcoming Events 2014


de.gifErlangen - Feb. 10-13

de.gifErlangen - May 20-23

de.gifErlangen - Sep. 23-26

Shows, Fairs, Exibitions

de.gifE-World Energy & Water, Feb 26–28, 2014

de.gifEmbedded World, Feb 25–27, 2014

de.gifHannover Messe, Apr 07–11, 2014

de.gifOPC Day Europe, May 14–15, 2014

fr.gifIBS France, Sep 24–25, 2014

es.gifOPC Day Spain, Oct 2014

pl.gifOPC Day Poland, Oct 2014

fi.gifMES and OPC Day, Oct 2014

de.gifSPS/IPC/Drive, Nov 25–27, 2014

Product News

OPC UA Products

OPC UA SDK & Toolkits

box.pngANSI C SDK   Download

box.pngC++ SDK       Download

box.png.NET SDK       Download

box.pngJAVA SDK       Download

OPC UA Products

box.pngUaExpert      Download

box.pngUaGateway   Download

box.pngUaModeler    Download

OPC Events

New versions of OPC UA For Devices (DI) and OPC UA For Analyzer Devices (ADI) have been released:

DI is a companion specification designed for exposing and functionally grouping Device Parameters and Methods. ADI is a companion specification for sophisticated Analyzer Devices like Spectrometers or Chromatographs.
The reference documentation of our OPC UA SDKs and the UaGateway can be accessed online at doc.unifiedautomation.com.
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