Monday 08. March 2010

Unified Automation announced OPC UA training in North America

Unified Automation and DSInteroperability join together to provide complete infrastructure to enable rapid deployment of OPC Unified Architecture in North America for Microsoft and non-Microsoft platforms.

Schwabach, Germany, March 08, 2010. Today Unified Automation and DSInteroperability have announced a unique agreement that will facilitate suppliers rapidly developing OPC Unified Architecture products for Microsoft and non-Microsoft platforms in North America.

The staff from both companies have been actively engaged in the development of the OPC technology since the late 90s, bringing a significant portfolio of experience along with a detailed understanding the problems suppliers and end-users face developing product software that truly supports the OPC vision of multivendor multiplatform secure reliable interoperability.  The OPC Unified Architecture technology is ideal for moving data and information from the factory floor to the enterprise with stops in between.

The agreement between Unified Automation and DSInteroperability allows suppliers in North America to accelerate their development of products in support of the OPC Unified Architecture technology. A detailed training program tailored to the needs of suppliers using the Unified Automation SDKs and toolkits is provided by Unified Automation and DSInteroperability in this unique partnership arrangement. Additionally the suppliers can be assured that their products developed through the guidance and expertise of Unified Automation and DSInteroperability (who are experts in OPC certification), coupled with their products being based on the Unified Automation toolkit products, can be assured that their products will meet and exceed the certification standards that end-users have come to expect in all products using the OPC technology.

A series of webinars and general purpose training seminars are being announced as part of the arrangement between Unified Automation and DSInteroperability.  Complete details and information about the webinars and training seminars can be found at:

Specialized consulting and on site training is also available as part of the agreement.   Complete details about the variety of offerings can be found via contacting or

This program truly allows vendors to  jump start on the marketplace by being able to leverage the expertise and technical foundation from two of the leading OPC Foundation companies, companies who truly understand all the ins and outs of OPC Unified Architecture and OPC certification. The offering in North America complements the training program started with the OPC UA consulting company ascolab in Europe.

About Unified Automation GmbH

Unified Automation offers products and services in the field of standardized communication in automation industry and beyond. Based on OPC Unified Architecture technology they offer a cross-platform software development framework to enable vertical information integration for application providers, from embedded device manufacturers up to enterprise application developers. Unified Automation’s products enable companies to easily build, deploy and integrate standard communication technology. The products are designed to improve the appeal and quality of customer’s applications and devices. Unified Automation enables customers to accelerate innovation, shorten time to market and increase revenues.