Monday 10. October 2016

High Performance OPC UA SDK V1.0.0 Release

The first Release version of our newest product, the High Performance OPC UA SDK is available now.

It was especially designed with embedded use cases in mind,

but also PC based server systems can benefit from its great performance

The bottleneck of conventional UA SDKs is the encoder/decoder part of the OPC Foundation Stack.

This new SDK includes a new optimized stack that was developed from scratch and contains an encoder/decoder which is about ten times faster than the OPC Foundation variant.

Of course our stack is fully wire compatible with standard stacks.

Key features:

  • simple and easy to use ANSI C API
  • low memory footprint
  • configurable memory pools
  • address spaces can be stored in ROM to reduce RAM requirements
  • works single-threaded and asynchronous
  • possibility to run using multiple processes to benefit from multi-core or multi-cpu systems; real parallelism can speed up the server
  • option to run critical components like the request decoder in a sandbox
  • security support: supports encryption and signing using OpenSSL or mbedTLS backend
  • user management and authorization support
  • includes extensive unit test framework, which helps porting the SDK to new platforms
  • optional file support for loading address spaces from file (binary or XML)
  • API documentation with examples and tutorials
  • much more