OPC UA Book Cover

The first OPC Unified Architecture Book, written by Wolfgang Mahnke, Stefan-Helmut Leitner and Matthias Damm one of the OPC UA trainers for Unified Automation.


Saturday 02. April 2011

Trade Shows, Fairs and Exibitions in 2011

Products of Unified Automation GmbH will be shown on the trade shows below.more »

Thursday 31. March 2011

Unified Automation Newsletter Q1, 2011

Schwabach March 31, 2011

Dear OPC UA Enthusiast,

We are pleased to present our first Unified Automation Newsletter in new design. We want to keep you informed about new product releases and...more »

Tuesday 29. March 2011

UaModeler V1.0.1 released

Information Model

UaModeler—turning design into codemore »

Wednesday 31. March 2010

Trade Shows, Fairs and Exibitions in 2010

Products of Unified Automation GmbH will be shown on the combined PLCopen and OPC Foundation booth on the trade shows below.more »

Monday 08. March 2010

Unified Automation announced OPC UA training in North America

Unified Automation and DSInteroperability join together to provide complete infrastructure to enable rapid deployment of OPC Unified Architecture in North America for Microsoft and non-Microsoft...more »

Sunday 01. November 2009

UaModeler and UaGateway round up Unified Automation’s product portfolio

Information Model

The new, enhanced version of Unified Automation’s Software Development Kits (SDK) for OPC UA Server and Client will make developers life much easier. Besides being robust and compliant a Toolkit or...more »

Saturday 31. October 2009

OPC UA connects Wind Turbines in Germanys first Offshore Wind Park

Unified Automation’s Software Development Kit (SDK) was the favored technology to integrate OPC UA in ‘Alpha Ventus’, an offshore wind park test site in the North Sea. OPC Unified Architecture is...more »

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