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The first OPC Unified Architecture Book, written by Wolfgang Mahnke, Stefan-Helmut Leitner and Matthias Damm one of the OPC UA trainers for Unified Automation.

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Training 2018

de.gifKalchreuth, Jan 23–26

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de.gifembedded World, Feb 27–01

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Product News

High Perfomance SDK

Thursday 12. April 2018

New High Performance OPC UA SDK V1.1.1 - Service Release

The new Service Release of our High Performance OPC UA SDK is available now. This new version contains bug fixes for several back ends. Furthermore the binary file format was improved and the...more »

Monday 12. February 2018

New .NET based OPC UA Client/Server SDK V2.5.8—Service Release

A new Service Release of the .NET based OPC UA Client Server SDK Bundle is available for download. This version fixes several minor issues and Certificate handling related to Windows Store, is also...more »

Thursday 08. February 2018

New ANSI C based OPC UA Client/Server SDK Bundle v1.8.1—Service Release

A new Service Release of the ANSI C based OPC UA Client/Server SDK Bundle is available for download. This Service Release offers minor improvements and several bug fixes. Event handling and shutdown...more »

General News

Thursday 12. April 2018

User Authentication Token Exploit

The OPC Foundation has published CVE-2018-7559 through a Security Bulletin on April 12, 2018.

This vulnerability affects the handling of UserIdentityTokens when used with the Basic128Rsa15 security...more »

Thursday 01. March 2018

OPC UA Publish-Subscribe (Pub/Sub) - IoT becomes easier

The enhanced communication mechanism in OPC UA is smaller, simpler, faster, and makes it easy to embrace the huge world of IIoT applications. Unified Automation demonstrates the power of OPC UA...more »

Thursday 01. February 2018

Extended OPC UA Modeling Services

The modeling capabilities in OPC UA are rated the most valuable feature of the OPC Unified Architecture Standard. Unified Automation offers extended modeling services to their customers.more »