Press Releases

Unified Automation integrates OPC UA data sources into IoT solutions without programming. Read more »

The enhanced communication mechanism in OPC UA is the foundation for planned real time capabilities of the OPC Standard. The SDKs of Unified… Read more »

Microsoft released the Windows 10 IoT Core for the Raspberry PI 2. Unified Automation's OPC UA SDKs are ready to run on the new operating system. Read more »

With the new High Performance OPC UA SDK, Unified Automation GmbH is taking OPC UA to the next level. This gives a major push in enabling the Internet… Read more »

Implementing OPC Unified Architecture (UA) fast, efficiently and professionally using the new .NET based OPC UA SDK from Unified Automation Read more »

Unified Automation offers OEMs a fast and easy OPC UA solution that can be used on existing installations without any configuration or reprogramming. Read more »

The industry standard for secure communication in automation—OPC Unified Architecture—is now supported by the network analyzer Wireshark. Read more »